Aidian Academy is a web-based learning management system. Training courses are available whenever needed. Aidian Academy is easily accessible with a password and the students cannot see each other in the system (GDPR compliant). The courses in the Aidian Academy elearning platform are interactive containing multiple ways to assist in the learning process. The course contains an exam to test the student’s competence and successful completion of the course provides a certificate.

Aidian Academy provides you with:

Flexibility to daily work

  • Access online 24/7 with a password
  • Organize and document trainings easily
  • Train new personnel anytime
  • Complete the course in your own pace at once or in smaller parts
  • Manage your own student group with a separate coordinator role

Competent personnel – key to successful testing

  • Course contents follow ISO 22870:2016 Point-of-care testing (POCT) requirements for quality and competence
  • Training by the test manufacturer highlights all the relevant steps of the test
  • Content of the training is consistent
  • Aidian Academy allows rereading at any time